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Winter is nearly upon us but still a great time to be out and about if you have the correct clothing! We offer 15% discount in the winter months (Nov – Feb) on made to measure adventures and coaching sessions. Check out the Google calendar on the left or below to see availability.

New for winter 2018/9

We are offering wellness paddling. An opportunity to get out on the river for a few hours midweek. Wed Nov 21st, Wed Dec 5th and Wed Dec 19th. More dates in the new year. Suitable for people who have down some paddling in either canoe or kayak. We are aiming for around 15 kms to give you an idea.

What we do

Active 4 Seasons specialise in made to measure adventure activities. Get in touch if you want any coaching, guiding, mentoring or any adventure activities planned to suit your needs.  We have a fantastic location up here in the NE corner of England and we regularly cross the border into Scotland – no passports needed yet! If you have a particular date in mind please take a look at the Google calendar on the left. You can then click on the date in question and it should give you the option of further information which will go to the event on the calendar if I am already busy or have something on that date. If the date is clear then hopefully I am available but obviously the booking process does take a day or two so it may not be fully up to date.


We offer Adventure Vouchers – idea for that special Christmas gift or Birthday present. Vouchers are available for any duration of session that we run from 2 hrs to 5 day development courses. Go to the prices page for information. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase and can be redeemed by 2 people. Please contact us through the contact page, Facebook or Email for further information or to purchase a voucher.

Making Contact

Please feel free to browse the website by hovering your cursor over the various headings. These will reveal drop down menus that you just click to get more information. You can then decide if we are the right people for you to come to. Please contact us here to book an adventure or get further information. You can always Email directly or go through Facebook messenger if that suits you better. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Occasionally I do head away to work in remote places with no signal or connection.

adventure activities in Northumberland - open canoeing
Family adventure on the River Tweed by open canoe

Lots of activities available

We offer a range of adventure activities mostly on water (open canoeing, river and sea kayaking and surf kayaking) but also on the rocks (single pitch rock climbing) and trails (mountain biking) of North Northumberland. We work with clients elsewhere in the UK with the West coast of Scotland being a favourite of ours.

AALS 3 year Licence holder, third one in a row!

Unfortunately it looks like AALS is going to be no longer but not in the near future! As a long established provider (started in 2000) we have bags of experience and lots of qualifications. In May 2018 we gained our third three year (not everyone gets one of these!). An Adventure Activity Licence allows us to provide adventure activities to unaccompanied under 18’s. We can ensure you get a safe, enjoyable learning experience suited to your specific needs. Please view our education page now.

Who are we

Your host – Ollie Jay is a mature and highly experienced coach and guide. He has experience of leading adventures locally this being the 19th year (longer than anyone else) and elsewhere since 1991. Ollie has paddled in various places including Chile, North America, Alaska, Mainland Europe and Africa.

Sea Kayak Gang trips

We run a monthly Sea Kayak Gang trip. Head onto the Sea Kayak page for more details of the 2018 gang trips.

No membership required but if interested you can sign up to receive an invite to suitable trips based on your experience and aims. This is a guided trip somewhere suitable on the North Northumberland coast or Southern Scottish Borders coast ideal for individuals looking to develop their skills in an informal atmosphere with the support of a highly experienced BCU level 4 qualified sea kayak coach to look after you.

Family Holiday adventures on the river

We offer scheduled trips, normally a Wed canoe trip ideal for families and small groups, complete beginners welcome:

2018 dates:

Most Wed during summer hols.

If you have been on an adventure with us before and want something a bit more challenging or a longer trip please get in touch as we pride ourselves in providing made to measure adventures for all – see below.

Developing the Desire for Adventure

We aim to ‘Develop your Desire for Adventure’ so if you plan to race across New Zealand or paddle across or around Scotland for charity or indeed have a local trip in mind just drop us a line and we will sort you out with specific training to suit you. We have a huge range of boats from racing ski to surf kayaks to sea kayaks and general purpose kayaks both single and double as well as open canoes.

A recent testimonial:

Ollie has great experience, competence and local knowledge and hence the adventures are fun, safe and well targeted.

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