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For those wishing to develop their skills coaching can be provided. Active 4 Seasons are qualified to coach the following activities:

  • Sea Kayaking
  • Open Canoeing
  • River Kayaking
  • Single Pitch Climbing

Our main aim is to teach you to be safe and to chose appropriate water for your level of experience.

Active 4 Seasons specialises in developing the necessary skills required to get you out and about safely. We also feel it is important whilst enjoying the environment to ensure we cause no damage as far as is possible. Part of the fun is choosing the correct medium and this could be Open Canoeing on the rivers Tweed, Till or Teviot, Sea Kayaking trips along the fantastic Northumberland and Scottish borders coast or spending the day climbing at one of the fantastic Northumberland Sandstone crags.

We are happy to train people in preparation for any of the British Canoe star awards (1-4*) but no longer offer assessments. Active 4 Seasons offers bespoke coaching courses to those who have specific needs rather than running BC syllabus based courses – there are already plenty of providers that offer the BC courses and we are happy to recommend someone if you want a structured leadership course.

sea kayak surf
Sea kayaking on the fantastic Northumberland coastline

We recommend a teacher to learner ratio of no more than 4:1 and ideally 2 – 3:1 for beginners.

The environment is a big part of what we do and so its role and an understanding of how we can adversely affect it is fundamental to the teaching.

2 thoughts on “Coaching”

  1. Hello
    Please could you add me to your distribution list? I’m a sea kayaker with about 60 days experience and looking to build experience and confidence. I’m also heading up to Northumberland this weekend (probably including Friday) and would be interested to know if you have anything planned.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your enquiry. I have a sea kayak gang that tends to go out once a month, the ability level varies as can be found on the sea kayak page. Dates are also posted there. Most of what I do is made to measure adventure but you can always send me a message through the contact page if you have an enquiry. Hope to see you soon,

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